KDP Primorje

Klub daljinskog plivanja
Open Water Swimming Club

5. Swimming marathon Ičići: propositions

Announcement and propositions 

KDP Primorje

Place, date and time of the competition:
Ičići, 14.8.2021. start of the race at 13:00

Description and characteristics of the track on which the competition is held:
The 1000 m race has a turntable at approximately 490 m from the start line along the coast to the south. Since swimming is in the immediate vicinity of the bathing area, swimmers are recommended to use swimming caps, in order to distinguish them from bathers more easily.
Swimmers are controlled by a judge from the boat.

Program and schedule of the competition:
12:00 – Registration of competitors at the Ičići beach
12:50 – End of registration – instructions of the chief judge and swimmer’s roll call
13:30 – End of the race when competitors who did not pass the finish line are considered swimmers and they are not allowed to approach or cross the finish line
14:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Announcement of winners

Right to participate in the competition:
The race is open to all competitors from and outside the Republic of Croatia, licensed and unlicensed competitors.
Each competitor performs at their own risk; confirming this Internet online with a properly completed application. The responsibility is not transferable to the organizer of the competition in accordance with the acceptance of the statement.
For competitors under the age of 18, the entry form is submitted by a parent / guardian, which allows the participation of a minor competitor in the race.

Registration for participation:
Participation in the competition is registered by REGISTRATION within the specified period.
You can apply only with the online form on the KDP Primorje website.
The competitor has the right to perform after he has correctly filled in the Application Form for the performance no later than 10 minutes before the start of the competition.

Fee amount and method of payment:
The race fee is 100 kn for payments received by 12.08.2021. on IBAN: HR7924840081105746935 KDP Primorje, ie 100 kn on the day of the race.

Description of recognitions and awards:
Medals for 3 first place winners
– MEN and WOMEN absolutely and on the basis of the points system with coefficients by which the corrected time is calculated.
A hot meal and a T-shirt are provided for all competitors.

1. During the performance it is forbidden:
– any physical conflict in the competition (hitting, pulling the competitor, etc.)
– standing, resting or any contact with the shore, psychological dam or. escort boat
2. Competitors have a visual escort from the boats during the performance and can ask for help by raising their hand
3. The organizer provides a safety buoy for all competitors who want it.
The organizer has the right to change the rules for the competition until the start of the race.

– In case of unforeseen circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the propositions, or in case of adverse weather conditions or in case of force majeure, or complete impossibility of safe swimming, the right to cancel the competition without obligation to refund the fee.

Each competitor accepts the following conditions by participating:
– the competitor hereby confirms that he is running only at his own risk, aware that participation in this race is a potential danger involving the risk of various injuries and possible death
– the competitor accepts that the organizer is not liable for any form of damage caused to him by participating in the competition, directly, indirectly, separately or in connection, caused by his own negligence and fault, or negligence and fault of other competitors or third parties, before, during or after said competition
– the competitor is liable for any form of damage to third parties caused or contributed to through his own negligence or fault
– the competitor is obliged during the competition, and immediately before and after it, to comply with officially published rules, instructions on safe movement, and conditions of performance from given by the organizers, and instructions from judges, wardens and persons engaged in the organization of the competition
– the competitor waives the right to sue the organizer for compensation for any form of damage caused by participation in this competition
– all disputes are competent court in Rijeka, according to law Of the Republic of Croatia

Statement regarding GDPR responsibility:
The competitor (parent / guardian for minors) according to the provisions of the GDPR regulation allows the organizer to publicly publish recordings, results and descriptions from this event, which may include his character or name with data published in lists.

Special measures related to the Corona pandemic:
– competition is limited by the number of participants.
– Only the first 50 participants who have filled in the online application and paid the registration fee have the right to participate
– in case of increased body temperature or any suspicion of COVID-19 virus infection, online registered swimmers must unsubscribe by e-mail or not come to the competition
. on arrival, all swimmers will have their infrared remote thermometer measured and, if it is elevated, they will have to move away from the competition area
– when entering the competition area, their hands must be disinfected with a disperser.
– It is recommended that competitors wear protective masks before and after entering the sea