KDP Primorje

Klub daljinskog plivanja
Open Water Swimming Club

Meeting 1: Summary

The basic task of the 1st (kick-off) meeting was:
1. Presentation of the project aims and objectives, and the project activities that are planned
2. Acquaintance and meeting of partner representatives
3. Confirmation of the members of the Steering Committee
3. Defining the way partner representatives will work (Project manager Cloud Soft Ware – SW (Windows and Android platform), communal communication, exchange of information, reports…)
4. Acquaintance with Project management SW platform that partners will use in the realization of the project
5. Basic information from every partner member about the state of the safety level in OWS events in their club/country
6. Basic common agreement concerning the realization of the project
7. Defining the basic information that is to be presented on all presentations /
8. Basic topics that should be covered on all workshops