KDP Primorje

Klub daljinskog plivanja
Open Water Swimming Club

Project Summary

The main objective of the project is to increase the athletes’ safety at the open swimming (OWS) competitions by improving the safety standards and the general requirements for the competition organisers through networking, sharing of knowledge between the relevant stakeholders.
Specific objectives are:
1. To create the networking opportunity for the relevant stakeholders to share their knowledge and practices related to the safety in OWS competitions.
2. To improve safety in the OWS events by developing the recommendations for the organisers of the OWS events.
3. To educate swimmers to become more aware of the safety standards that the organisers have to comply with if they want those swimmers to take part in the OWS competition.
The objectives will be achieved by creating and sharing a new model of transmitting and sharing the experiences of those responsible for organizing OWS events and swimmers themselves.
The contribution of the project will be: establishing the safety rules and regulations for OWS events; sharing knowledge and practices related to the safety of athletes; enabling the partners who do not have experience in the organizations of OWS events to gain the necessary knowledge for it. Rules and regulations should not be left to the decisions either of national or regional, not to mention local authorities, as it currently seems to be the case in recreational OWS. The stated three objectives together (The safety of athletes; Developing the recommendations for the improvement of regulations for the OWS organisers; Education of athletes to become more aware of the safety standards) if realized, would form an obligatory part of every competition, which has not been the case so far.
Lastly, the project’s added value is that the uniformity of regulations would greatly contribute to the overall development of the European dimension of sport, especially recreational sport, so important for health-enhancing physical activity of every nation.