KDP Primorje

Klub daljinskog plivanja
Open Water Swimming Club

Plivački maraton Rab Happy Island:

TK Rab / KDP Primorje

Place, date and time of the competition:
Rab, 10.7.2021 start at 17:00

Description and characteristics of the course on which the competition is held:
The competition is held simultaneously in two races at 1400 m and 2800 m. The start and finish of both races are on the beach “Banova vila”. The turn buoy is in front of the “Škver” beach. You must swim in a clockwise direction, one lap 1400m, or two, 2800m. The course and buoys  for the race are set up as on the map here .

Program and schedule of the competition:
16:30 – “Banova vila” beach: Competitors registration
16:50 – Briefing
17:00 – RACE START
18:15 – Announcement of winners and award ceremony

The right to participate in the competition:
Both races are open to competitors from the Republic of Croatia and from abroad, licensed and unlicensed competitors, members of long-distance swimming clubs and swimming clubs, as well as recreational swimmers..
Each competitor competes at his own risk completing the registration immediately before the race or previously on line. The responsibility is not transferable to the organizer of the competition. For competitors under the age of 18, the application form is accompanied by a Parent / Guardian Statement allowing the participation of a minor competitor in the race.
Minors without the signature of a parent / guardian will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Registration of participation
Participation in the competition is registered by REGISTRATION within the specified period.
You can apply:
Only with the online form on the club’s website: www.kdp-primorje.hr
The competitor has the right to perform after confirming his arrival no later than 20 minutes before the start of the competition.

Fee amount and method of payment:
The race is promotional, a demonstration of a possible future swimming competition. There is no fee for this race, but donations are welcome so that the organizer can at least partially cover the cost of medals and organization.

Description of recognition and awards:
1400m and 2800m

– MEN absolute and in points of the KVARNER PLIVA system.
– WOMEN absolute and in points of the KVARNER PLIVA system.
25 m
– children promotional race

– During the race the competitors will be visually monitored by the rescuer and can ask for help by raising their hand.
– During the race it is forbidden:
– to shorten the course
– any physical conflict in the competition (hitting, pulling the competitor, etc.)
– standing, resting or any contact with the shore or the vessel with the intention of rest, etc.
– The organizer has the right to amend the propositions for the competition until the very start of the race
– Head of the competition: Miloš Španjol

– The course is set within the bathing area, so participants are required to watch out for bathers who could possibly approach the competitors.
– Swimmers are required to wear swimming caps with numbers provided by the organizer.
– It is recommended to swim with a safety buoy provided by the organizer.
– In case of unforeseen circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the propositions, i.e. to cancel the competition.
– The swimmer is also required to wear a cap with his start number, which he will receive from the organizers.
-In case of loss or damage, the competitor is obliged to reimburse the organizer the amount of 100 kn for the cap, or 150 kn for the safety buoy.

Special measures related to the Corona pandemic:
– online registered swimmers must unsubscribe by e-mail, i.e. do not come to the competition in case of increased body temperature or any suspicion of infection with COVID-19 virus
– on arrival all swimmers will be measured with an infrared remote thermometer and if their body temperature is elevated, they will have to move away from the competition area
– when entering the competition area it is necessary to disinfect the hands with a set dispenser.
– It is recommended that competitors wear protective masks before entering the sea and after leaving, with the obligation to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m.

NB: The medals are given exclusively to the person awarded. The awarded winners who fail to present themselves at the Winners ceremony will not be given the medal.