KDP Primorje

Klub daljinskog plivanja
Open Water Swimming Club

Reagata Pula 1/5/2017 – ENTRY FORM

.            A small reminder of the crew duties

.           SKIPER (1): Captain/Skipper – Tactician – overall commander and drives boat. Decides course and calls manuvers
.           ŠKOTA JEDRA (2): Mainsail Trimmer – Trim and tack mainsail
.           ŠKOTINE(3 i 4): Headsail trimmers – Trim and tack headsail and spinnaker.
–           GINDACI (5)
: Pitman – On small boats often done by trimmers. controls hallyardsand topping lift and downhaul
.            PROVA (6): Bowman – The poor bastard who rigs headsails, skirts headsails and is generally yelled at by everyone. Most important person on boat.

.            SKIPER Babac
.           The skipper decides who is in the race, and who is in reserve, or a substitute on the boat itselft.


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